Why Are the Ends of My Hair So Dry?

If you notice that your ends of hair are dry, you should know that there is a reason behind that kind of hair damage, and will need to be treated. But before treating you need to know the root cause of your problem. You can easily identify your root cause by looking at your routine when it comes to hair, and if the answer is not there then look at your nutrition.

Why Are the Ends of My Hair So Dry?

Causes of Dry Hair Ends

Most of the times dry hair ends are caused by a routine in daily or weekly hair care, which one may not have noticed that it is causing problems to the hair. The first and very frequent cause is the use of harsh hair products. You may like to use your favorite hair shampoo daily just because it leaves your hair smelling nice without knowing that it has sulfates that are harsh to the hair especially when used on a daily basis. You may also be using the best hair moisturizer spray daily and may be it has some harsh ingredients.

So if you experience dryness of the ends of your hair consider looking at the contents of that hair product that you use every morning.  The other very cause of dry hair end is lifestyle, you probably like to go swimming in the pool or in the beach then later take hours sunbathing. Just this activity alone has exposed you to two or more things that can damage your hair, namely chlorine in the pool or minerals in the hard water and excess sunlight. These are things that if exposed to on a daily basis will have adverse effects on your hair.

Why Are the Ends of My Hair So Dry?

Other factors

Other factors that can cause hair ends to dry include hair tools like the blow driers, curling and straightening equipment. There are many people who like to wash and blow dries their hair on a daily basis, thus exposing hair to excess heat every single day. Doing this eventually leaves your hair dry and damaged especially at the ends. You can avoid washing hair every day if you want to save your, if you are not comfortable having unwashed hair, you can try wiping the scalp using cotton wool so that you can wash your hair after at least every 3 days.

This will help in reducing dryness in your hair. The other factor that is rarely considered till the last minute is nutritional deficiency. This is lack of vitamin B7, which is also known as biotin. You can tell you lack this vitamin if your hair becomes dry and start to thin, and eventually split at the ends. If hair is not a good indicator that you lack biotin, then your splitting nails should be a good sign. All these factors can be fixed with simple routing changes and other helpful ways to fix dry hair ends before they get worse.

How to fix dry hair ends

The easiest way is by trimming the ends of your hair while at the same time eliminating the root cause of the problem, assuming that you will have identified the problem before looking for a solution. Trimming the ends will help remove the split ends which would have caused the hair to start thinning and will therefore allow the healing process to begin. If your problem was caused by lack of vitamin B7 then you should consider buying supplement for this vitamin and also add omega 3 and some anti-oxidants to your daily diet plan. This will ensure that you acquire all that your hair needs to remain strong and healthy.

Why Are the Ends of My Hair So Dry?

It is also important to consider reducing the use of heat styling equipment so that you can reduce the amount of heat that you expose your hair to on a daily basis. This will not only save your hair but will also help your scalp to stay hydrated for longer period of time. If you have to use the heat styling method then you should consider buying the heat protecting spray which will protect your hair from being damaged by the heat produced by the styling tool. Using the heat protecting spray should not be a green light to use these tools every day, it is important that you reduce their use to at most 3 times a week.

Avoid washing the hair on a daily

It is necessary to avoid washing the hair on a daily basis since the components of shampoo daily cause irreversible damage if not taken care of early. If the drying and thinning and splitting of the hair as a result of harsh components in the shampoo is not treated early, it may reach the balding stage which may be permanent. After washing you should not expose your hair to when trying to air or sun dry it, instead wrap it in the towel and let dry in there. Direct exposure to sun and air is also not good for your wet hair.

Learn to use cold showers

Instead of the hot water which also leave your hair dry and brittle. Alternatively wash your hair separately with cold water before taking your hot bath. That will reduce the damage caused of hair and will see your start to become stronger. Avoid using non natural oils and start using essential oils on your hair for example the rosemary oil, lavender, tea tree amongst others. These will give your hair a natural and soothing treatment which will be good for nourishing your hair and giving it a healthy look.

It is clear that the causes of hair ends drying are lifestyle related and have nothing to do with looking for the best hair moisturizer spray because all you need is a lifestyle change and you will be on your way to recovering your previous hair. So if you have dry hair ends, look at ,your life style focusing mainly on your hair routine and you will quickly know what the problem is, and make necessary changes immediately so that you can have your healthy hair back in no time.