What’s in A Name?

I named this blog “Life Behind the Curve” for three reasons:

  1. As I mention in my first post, I am well aware that starting a blog in 2009 is nowhere near “ahead of the curve.” It’s not even on the curve and yet, I’m doing it anyway. I’ve got a bunch of reasons why I want to do it and they’re pretty much exclusively selfish reasons (to have interesting conversations, to improve my writing, to journal, etc.). I’m not blogging to sell ad space or publish my writing or quit my job to do this full time. So the fact that I’m late to the game really doesn’t matter all that much to me. I’m perfectly content being behind the curve in this area.
  2. I am an analytical person. I like to have time to think things through. I’m very logic-oriented but don’t always think fast on my feet. I talk (and write) things out to wrap my head around them. I’m a fan of the Socratic method. I like to hear multiple points of view on an issue. And then, maybe then, I’ll make up my mind about things. This often drives people around me batty because I frequently play the devil’s advocate or spend time trying to see why someone else came to the conclusion they did even when it conflicts with my ideas or beliefs. The end result: most of the time (there are exceptions) I am not the first person to come out with commentary as events unfold. I’d rather have a conversation than to lecture about my point of view. I, therefore, don’t appear to be “ahead of the curve” in my thinking, unless of course it’s really cutting edge to be moderate and deliberate and thorough.
  3. My introduction to the blogging world really began with moms who blog (a.k.a. “mommy bloggers,” though there is much debate about this term) many of whom have been blogging for years. At first, because I’d started to engage in their online conversations, I thought that seemed like a good niche for me as well, since motherhood is the only thing that I know from the inside out, quite literally. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to give myself the flexibility to blog about my thoughts on a host of issues outside of being a mom and a wife and a woman (which many of these moms who blog also do). ESPN has a show about athletes off the court/field/rink/track called “Outside the Lines.” I liked the concept and, as a woman with curves, thought the term “behind the curves” was an interesting and accurate play-on-words.

And so, Life Behind the Curve was born.