Do Not Try This At Home

Today was the first full day of our Michigan “vacation.” I use the words in quotes because we’re here to celebrate my grandpa’s life which ended this winter. (I’ll have more on this later.) We arrived yesterday afternoon, had an uneventful drive from Detroit to Lansing (where we’re staying for the first half of our trip), ate dinner and tried to get the boys to go to bed at a reasonable time while their bodies were telling them they were still on Pacific time. That was fun…NOT! Scoot was laid up with a cold for most of the day so I took D and B to the zoo and later took D to the swimming pool. After his 1,000th nap of the day, Scoot was feeling better and suggested we head to Jackson (about 40 minutes by car) to try out a place he’d seen on the Man v. Food discussion boards called The Parlour.

*Fellow Shredheads and Team Bob – please look away from the computer*

Scoot and I each split a small meal with our boys and then went in for the kill: The Dare to Be Great! It is described as, “Twenty-one scoops of assorted flavors of ice cream, topped with strawberries, chocolate, pineapple and marshmellow toppings, chopped mix nuts, whipped cream and cherries.” It cost $29.99 (but it’s free if one person can finish it in one hour).

This is what it looked like just after arriving at our table:


(My God, every time I look at this picture I’m amazed at the volume of ice cream that’s floating around in our bodies at this moment.)

I should note that the arrival was accompanied by a chorus of ooohs and aaahs from other Parlour patrons.

We did a decent job on that bad boy. D was a trooper and totally helped out, even though they had brought him his own (free) sundae before dinner. After one hour it looked like this:


Not bad for a day’s work. I’ll admit, though, I was a little upset that we didn’t finish the whole thing. I hate planning to do something and then not doing it. It frustrates me to no end. Though this will probably come as no surprise to anyone who knows me, I also got frustrated because the scoops were impossible to differentiate from one another. I’m someone who needs to visually see progress. I needed to know how many scoops we had left to motivate me to keep eating. My arteries are pleased that I stopped eating when I did.

For those of you who are wondering, the waitress said that about 10 people have successfully completed eating the entire Dare to Be Great! She said it’s the most disgusting thing she’s seen and she would have preferred going through life without having witnessed it.

Cardio Max – Level 1 – Day 1

Did Cardio Max today for the first time. Wow. It’s tough. But I think I like it. For those of you who haven’t tried this DVD, Bob leads it and you customize your workout so you select what you want to do: warm up, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and cool down. Once you select the workouts you want to do, they just play one after the other.

I only did the warm up and Level 1. I did some of the cool down, which is very yoga-inspired, but B insisted that I sit down so that he could do yoga on his own.

Anyhow, today was a pretty good day. Not only did I exercise, but I also ate quite well including lots of fruits and veggies. I drank lots of water, didn’t go crazy with anything and I tracked it all on my Sparkpeople page. Yay! This is the kind of day I needed. Thinking I might try the yoga DVD tomorrow.I am going to hurt tomorrow and even more so on Saturday, but it was definitely my kind of workout. Weights were optional, though if you’ll recall I only own 10 pound weights. I think I made it through about three-quarters of the video using the weights when they were called for but by the end I was pretty spent. My legs were especially burning.