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What Should You Have in a Baby First Aid Kit?

Having an infant or a toddler at home means, your baby may require the immediate medical care for some times. So, it is essential to have the well stocked and the best baby first aid kit handy in the home. Actually, the perfect first aid kit may help you manage the basic supports to your toddler or infant, before having to go to the healthcare professional. These first aid kits for babies are specially made to aid parents to carry out the fundamental levels of medical care in which your baby may need. The first aid kits are usually a handy thing to have on in your home. There are many things available in this baby first aid kit such as droppers, nasal aspirator, nail clippers, rectal thermometers, etc. If a newborn is in your home, it is advised to have a handy first aid kit for them in the house.

What Should You Have in a Baby First Aid Kit?

Best first aid kits for babies

Below are the lists of some first aid kits for babies that may simplify your purchasing:

Wallaboo baby first aid kit

It is one of the most comprehensive first aid kits that would support the parent during an emergency time. Each product in this kit has been carefully chosen to meet the baby’s needs. It usually consists of a pair of scissors, saline wound wash, a thermometer, adhesive tape and a pair of vinyl gloves, hypoallergenic plasters, alcohol free wipes and wound lint pads.

Bebe earth infant first aid kit in ambulance box

This first aid kit is especially for infants as well as toddler-friendly too. This kit consists of a huge 46 items such as three kinds of damages, digital thermometer with battery, adhesive tape, cotton swabs, wipes, gauze, emergency blanket, gloves, scissors, tweezers and ice pack and so on.

First year American Red Cross baby healthcare kit

This baby healthcare kit is a perfect toddler emergency kit; because it comes to you from the Red Cross who is always ready for emergent situations. The specialty of this kit is coming with a healthy combination of medical and healthcare equipment. It typically has a baby nail clipper, comfort tip spoon for medicine, a thermometer, a brush, finger tip toothbrush, a comb, a mirror and nasal aspirator.

Dorel safety first healthcare set

This first aid kit is one of the hottest selling infant healthcare kits that you can purchase in these days. This healthcare set actually comes with essentials like a syringe, spritzer, a hair comb and wipes, pair of scissors, medicine dispenser, nasal aspirator and nail clipper and so on.

Kid stat hospital grade kit

It is a top notch baby first aid kid and must have one for all parents today. This kit usually comes equipped to treat the sprains and aches, cuts and wounds as well as burns and bites. It has included all items such as hydrocortisone creams, gauze, scissors and saline dressing for treating aches, burns and cuts as well.

What do you want in your baby first aid kit?

When you are planning to purchase the baby first aid kit, you can ensure that it has everything you will want for your baby. This kit must have things such as nail clippers, emergency contact card, baby hairbrush and infant toothbrush, bandages, topical ointments and child thermometer. These are all essential things to keep in the baby’s first aid kit. Even you can also include many more things based on your baby’s needs. According to you as well as your baby’s specific needs, you can adapt the following lists of baby first aid kit that recommends from top pediatrician that includes:

  • Emergency contact card
  • Baby brush
  • Infant toothbrush
  • Child thermometer
  • Baby nail clippers
  • Petroleum jelly
  • Medicine
  • Rubbing alcohol swabs
  • Topical ointments
  • Oral syringe
  • Tweezers
  • Eyewash
  • Nasal aspirator bulb
  • Bandages
  • Baby nose drops
  • Swabs and cotton balls
  • Sharp scissors
  • Thermometer
  • Soft blanket
  • First aid kit manual

What Should You Have in a Baby First Aid Kit?

Which first aid kit for infant is best?

The baby first aid kit consists of the complete essential items for your infant’s grooming and health. But, the material of all items must be safe and non-poisonous to use. You can always make sure to buy the baby first aid kit and is safe to use as well as consists of all you want. This is a perfect, convenient and compact kit to buy for your newborn in the home. Normally, this baby first aid kit is made from the top quality material and the tools made from plastic are very smooth and also free from poisonous chemicals. Thus, this first aid kit for baby is fully safe and healthy to use ever.

Where to shop a baby first aid kit?

When it comes to getting a baby first aid kit, there are so many choices available on the market. Whatever the choice you select, you can make sure to stock up on the essentials to take care of your baby at any moment. After getting this first aid kit, you can keep this kit accessible, so that it is very simple to discover for you and other caretakers like babysitter or grandparents. You should also need to make more than one kit. In this way, you can keep one kit at home and another one in a diaper bag or in a car as per your baby need.

Do you want more than one first aid kit for your infant?

If you want more than one for your baby, it completely depends upon your lifestyle and needs. You might also need a large first aid kit for home base and a small first aid kit for a diaper bag, purse or backpack. In times of need for this kit, you will make sure that your baby is safe.


Overall, the necessity of first aid kit for your infant is important to keep your baby healthy and happy too. You can also even customize a baby first aid kit based on your needs. Normally, this kit has sufficient space, where you can include other important things to the baby healthcare. Thus, all the top baby first aid kids provide best and instant help, when in need.

My Kids Are 5 and 2 But I’ve Got Empty Nest Syndrome Already

Friday night last week, our 6 month old puppy Mater was in the backyard acting weird. I saw him looking up at one of our trees going ape shit. He actually tried to climb a 6 foot tall wood fence to get closer. Because we live in a new neighborhood with new trees, we have no normal suburban wildlife (like squirrels) so I didn’t really think much about it and went on with my evening.

The next (beautiful!) day, we spent the entire day doing yardwork. As I was cleaning up the back corner of the yard, I remembered Mater’s behavior and decided to take a look. Sure enough, right at eye level there was a nest with two little baby birds looking at me with their beaks wide open. I stared for a few minutes and then realized that their mom and dad were in my neighbor’s tree watching me and those chicks looked hungry, so I left.

I know absolutely nothing about birds. (I think they may be Western Meadowlarks or Lesser Goldfinches but I could be wrong.) But, man, their behavior was so interesting to me. All weekend I was drawn to this little bird family. It ends up there were not two but four. And they were growing by the day!

It’s no surprise, really, because that mommy and daddy bird were busy! Their routine was something like this: Mom & Dad (making assumptions here…since I know nothing about birds I’m assuming they are in a heterosexual relationship…no clue if that’s right) fly into the area together and make a few circles around the tree where the nest is. They’re checking out the territory and making sure everything is ok. They’re very vocal. One (I like to say Mom but I really don’t know) swoops into the tree to a chorus of baby chirps while Dad hangs out in a high location nearby, presumably keeping watch. Then once Mom is done, they switch places and Dad feeds the babies. The chicks are instantly calmed and Mom and Dad fly away noisily. The chicks curl up together and take a nap and the cycle starts all over again.

D, our 5 year old, witnessed this routine as well and he had a lot of questions and since he still believes that I know everything I narrated the show to the best of my abilities. What was so remarkable, to both of us, really, was how familiar this pattern of parent/child behavior was. Now, if I’m remembering the one day I didn’t cut freshman year biology correctly, the feeding is done when the Mom and Dad regurgitate whatever they found on their hunting expedition for the babies to eat. I’ve never done that, though I did chew food for my kids a few times when they were just starting to eat solids. I’m also pretty sure that if I had left my kids all by themselves in their cribs when they were days old, CPS would have been over to visit with a quickness. But all-in-all observing their behavior was yet another reminder of how natural parenting is for many animals, humans included.

It reminded me of an incident that happened the summer before we moved from DC to California, when I was about 7 months pregnant with B. We had a little townhouse with a little yard and in it we had a blue tarp. We went to clean up the yard before we put the house on the market and realized a mouse (or rat?) had made the tarp its home. We scared it away but realized a few minutes later that there was an entire litter of rodents left behind. I called the local animal services people and the woman on the phone said, “Rodents are mammals. Mammal mothers don’t abandon their babies. She’ll be back.” I burst into tears. The sappy, can’t explain to your husband when he asks what’s wrong kind. (Hey, I was pregnant. I blame it on the hormones.)

My point is that motherhood, parenthood, is not just about procreation. It’s about so much more than that, for wild animals and humans alike. It’s about the things that Mom and Dad bird did to put food in their kids’ bellies. It’s about the pain that we feel when our kids are hurting. The sacrifices we make to keep a roof over their head (or a nest under their bum, as the case may be). And the heartbreak we go through when something goes terribly wrong.

I was so drawn to those four chicks over the past four days that my heart broke a little when I came home this evening and the nest was empty. Of course, D and I celebrated that they had grown up and moved away, lest I discourage him from doing the same thing some day. I just hope they come back to visit and know that when they do, they’ll find their bedroom just as they left it.