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Why Are the Ends of My Hair So Dry?

If you notice that your ends of hair are dry, you should know that there is a reason behind that kind of hair damage, and will need to be treated. But before treating you need to know the root cause of your problem. You can easily identify your root cause by looking at your routine when it comes to hair, and if the answer is not there then look at your nutrition.

Why Are the Ends of My Hair So Dry?

Causes of Dry Hair Ends

Most of the times dry hair ends are caused by a routine in daily or weekly hair care, which one may not have noticed that it is causing problems to the hair. The first and very frequent cause is the use of harsh hair products. You may like to use your favorite hair shampoo daily just because it leaves your hair smelling nice without knowing that it has sulfates that are harsh to the hair especially when used on a daily basis. You may also be using the best hair moisturizer spray daily and may be it has some harsh ingredients.

So if you experience dryness of the ends of your hair consider looking at the contents of that hair product that you use every morning.  The other very cause of dry hair end is lifestyle, you probably like to go swimming in the pool or in the beach then later take hours sunbathing. Just this activity alone has exposed you to two or more things that can damage your hair, namely chlorine in the pool or minerals in the hard water and excess sunlight. These are things that if exposed to on a daily basis will have adverse effects on your hair.

Why Are the Ends of My Hair So Dry?

Other factors

Other factors that can cause hair ends to dry include hair tools like the blow driers, curling and straightening equipment. There are many people who like to wash and blow dries their hair on a daily basis, thus exposing hair to excess heat every single day. Doing this eventually leaves your hair dry and damaged especially at the ends. You can avoid washing hair every day if you want to save your, if you are not comfortable having unwashed hair, you can try wiping the scalp using cotton wool so that you can wash your hair after at least every 3 days.

This will help in reducing dryness in your hair. The other factor that is rarely considered till the last minute is nutritional deficiency. This is lack of vitamin B7, which is also known as biotin. You can tell you lack this vitamin if your hair becomes dry and start to thin, and eventually split at the ends. If hair is not a good indicator that you lack biotin, then your splitting nails should be a good sign. All these factors can be fixed with simple routing changes and other helpful ways to fix dry hair ends before they get worse.

How to fix dry hair ends

The easiest way is by trimming the ends of your hair while at the same time eliminating the root cause of the problem, assuming that you will have identified the problem before looking for a solution. Trimming the ends will help remove the split ends which would have caused the hair to start thinning and will therefore allow the healing process to begin. If your problem was caused by lack of vitamin B7 then you should consider buying supplement for this vitamin and also add omega 3 and some anti-oxidants to your daily diet plan. This will ensure that you acquire all that your hair needs to remain strong and healthy.

Why Are the Ends of My Hair So Dry?

It is also important to consider reducing the use of heat styling equipment so that you can reduce the amount of heat that you expose your hair to on a daily basis. This will not only save your hair but will also help your scalp to stay hydrated for longer period of time. If you have to use the heat styling method then you should consider buying the heat protecting spray which will protect your hair from being damaged by the heat produced by the styling tool. Using the heat protecting spray should not be a green light to use these tools every day, it is important that you reduce their use to at most 3 times a week.

Avoid washing the hair on a daily

It is necessary to avoid washing the hair on a daily basis since the components of shampoo daily cause irreversible damage if not taken care of early. If the drying and thinning and splitting of the hair as a result of harsh components in the shampoo is not treated early, it may reach the balding stage which may be permanent. After washing you should not expose your hair to when trying to air or sun dry it, instead wrap it in the towel and let dry in there. Direct exposure to sun and air is also not good for your wet hair.

Learn to use cold showers

Instead of the hot water which also leave your hair dry and brittle. Alternatively wash your hair separately with cold water before taking your hot bath. That will reduce the damage caused of hair and will see your start to become stronger. Avoid using non natural oils and start using essential oils on your hair for example the rosemary oil, lavender, tea tree amongst others. These will give your hair a natural and soothing treatment which will be good for nourishing your hair and giving it a healthy look.

It is clear that the causes of hair ends drying are lifestyle related and have nothing to do with looking for the best hair moisturizer spray because all you need is a lifestyle change and you will be on your way to recovering your previous hair. So if you have dry hair ends, look at ,your life style focusing mainly on your hair routine and you will quickly know what the problem is, and make necessary changes immediately so that you can have your healthy hair back in no time.

How to Use Beard Brush?

Beard hairs are more delicate and needed to be looked after more carefully, unlike the hair on our heads. The length and growth of the beard varies from person to person. the growth of beard depends on various factors like hormones, environment, products used, etc. the length and growth can be enhanced by following some tips like oiling your beard hair regularly, combing or brushing it with utmost care in proper direction, keeping it squeaky clean and many more.

How to Use Beard Brush?

Steps to follow while combing and brushing your facial hair

  • Step 1: Choose the right comb with the right alignment of teeth. The spacing between the teeth should be dependent on the thickness and density of your beard. The edges of the plastic comb are static due to which they are rough and delicate enough to get twisted in one or two glides. Choosing the best quality teeth can make or break the shape and texture of your beard.
  • Step 2: styling your beard should be done by beginning from lower to upper, in an upwardly position. The detangling issue would be solved if you start from the neck portion to the cheeks and then to the chin. Separating your hair strands is also important.
  • Step 3: the snags caused in your hair during the gap in combing, maybe overnight, might be stubborn but it is advised to not pull them with friction. Instead, slowly detangle them inch by inch cautiously. If they are too much crossed over each other then you can use nice beard oil to smoothen them.
  • Step 4: after all this, start combing your beard downwards to do the desired styling. You can now start the use of the brush. Brushes with soft bristles are known for superb styling and removing the frizz present in your hair.
  • Step 5: combing the mustache is the step often forgotten by men. It is too, important, as it is also counted in styling your facial hair. Comb and keep the hair of your mustache aside from your lips.
  • Step 6: do not go aggressively and put too much friction in your beard hair. Gently comb your mustache with a specialized comb for mustache.

Following the above-mentioned steps while combing your facial hair will not only detangle them but also helps in styling them.

How to Use Beard Brush?

Materials used in making beard brushes and combs

Brushes are basically made from hairs of animals such as horses or boar. Beard brush is known to be the one made from the bristles of boar’s hair as they are more appropriate in usage because they reduce frizz in a short time and spread the oil more efficiently than the brushes with horse bristles.

Combs are manufactured by the raw materials like wood (sandalwood and pear wood), metals, rubber, cellulose, silicone, plastics, etc. they are more durable and lasting than the brushes, I.e., they have a longer shelf life as compared to the brushes.

Beard combs are portable, I.e., easy to carry, but beard brushed take a lot of space to fit in. you can put your comb in the pocket of your pant but you cannot do this with your brush.

But it is one’s personal choice to choose a beard brush or a comb. Each one has its own pros and cons.

Pros of combing or brushing your hair

  1. Creates symmetry: beard combs or brushes help you attaining the desired style of your beard. They also make your face look perfectly aligned. They make the jawline look sharper.
  2. Hygienic: when you eat something, it generally struck into your facial hair. A comb with a narrow gap between teeth can help you resolve this problem. It will remove the food particles that are stuck into them. This creates a proper hygienic and clean environment and prevents health issues.
  3. Moisturizes: applying beard balm or beard oil every day before taking a shower is highly suggested for a great texture of your facial hair. They keep your beard hair strong and healthy too, by making the underneath skin moisturized. Specialized balms or creams are available for beards that are thicker as compared to the face or skin creams, as they need to penetrate the facial hair to reach into the epidermis.
  4. Gives a classy look: it gives a fine look when someone uses brushes to style your hair as per their requirements. If you really want to notice the changes, stop combing your beard for a few days and the detangling process will begin to start. Then you will know the value of beard oils and combs. Combing your beard twice a day is recommended to every man out there.

Things not to do with your beard

  • Do not use plastic combs.
  • Do not comb in the wrong direction.
  • Never use regular head combs.
  • Avoid putting extra friction.

What is the suitable time to use beard comb and brush?

Time matters in respect to combing your hair. Brushing or combing them right after you have taken a shower is said to be the best time to comb it. But first, let the facial hair air-dry for some minute. Combing in wet hair is not at all suggested as, at that time your hair is in their most delicate and weak condition, thus they might get breakage if done even gently. This will cause hair fall conditions to start appearing as well.

How to Use Beard Brush?

Tricks to comb style your beard

  1. Tap a dry towel over your beard on extremely wet hair, after a shower.
  2. Then let it air-dry for a few minutes.
  3. Put some beard oil and gently massage your beard and mustache.
  4. Run a nice wooden beard comb with wide spacing teeth.
  5. Style them by a brush with soft bristles.

How many times you should style or comb your facial hair?

Using a combing your hair for detangling your beard hair once a day is normal. While brushing them three to four times per day for styling is known to be okay. But when this activity exceeds this standard time, then it might weaken your beard hair and can cause hair damage. To prevent the condition of hair loss, you should carefully do this process.

How Often to Exfoliate Body?

New skin cells cannot increase to the surface and dead skin cells trap oil and dirt in your skin. This can lead to a duller looking skin tone, acne, rough, dry, oily or dark spots.

Exfoliation includes by hand removing dead cells from the skin. This can be performed in a number of ways. One way is with abrasive substances or tools, the other way is chemically. Exfoliating tools consist of loofahs, brushes, particular wash clothing which are created to exfoliate as they clean. Abrasive substances are typically emollients with something coarse included which will scrub off the dead cells. Typical products used consist of salt, sugar, crushed apricot kernel, almond shells, and jojoba beads.

How Often to Exfoliate Body?

How to Exfoliate Your Body The Proper Way

We typically consider exfoliation as being simply for the face, however the rest of your body needs exfoliation, too. The question is what to use: Is an exfoliating body scrub the response? A loofah? A body brush? We discuss the do’s and don’ts of body exfoliation, and discuss why the very best body exfoliator is one you leave on your skin.

Advantages of Body Exfoliation

You may be questioning why we need to exfoliate. With age, built up sun damage, and particular skin concerns, skin’s natural capability to undetectably shed dead surface cells ends up being defective– often stopping entirely. The outcome is an accumulation of dry, ashen-looking skin that can make your arms, elbows, legs– practically all over– look dull, unequal, and older than they really are.

The Very Best Body Exfoliator Tool

The cosmetics market typically provides one kind of item as a service: body scrubs. You’ll find scrubs which contain different kinds of exfoliating components, from polyethylene (also called plastic microbeads, which are being phased out due to ecological issues) to walnut shells, pumice, ashes, sugar, and sea salt. Which scrub is best? Remarkably, none! The very best body scrubs are the ones you do not use.

How Often to Exfoliate Body?

Why prevent body scrubs? 2 factors:

With extremely couple of exceptions, practically all body scrubs are too abrasive. They exfoliate at the expenditure of triggering small micro-tears, which slowly deteriorate your skin’s protective barrier, resulting in dryness, level of sensitivity, and other issues.

Body scrubs also are typically extremely fragranced, consisting of with necessary oils, and these cause additional problems that can activate inflammation (although they do smell excellent, which does make them appealing).

The Advantages Of Exfoliating Before Tanning.

There are various manner ins which technology of today day has made beautification efforts more streamlined, structured and simpler to achieve. One such fulfillment can quickly be found with indoor tanning beauty parlors. Such locations bring in males and females from all strolls of life who are merely attempting to make their skin look more appealing.

If you are not correctly exfoliating your skin prior to making that trip to the tanning beauty salon, you may not really be getting your complete money’s worth out of such beauty ventures. The good news is, there are some simple and affordable manner ins which you can exfoliate your skin prior to another experience in tanning.

Can avoid your skin from becoming too dry

Among the most crucial advantages found with exfoliating your skin before tanning is that it can avoid your skin from becoming too dry. The ultraviolet rays that you will be exposing your skin to are almost similar to those that are produced from the sun. By exfoliating your skin prior to that trip down beauty lane, you can get a much deeper and more lively tan without drying your skin while doing so.

You’ll also wish to ensure that you use a high quality exfoliating soap, shower gel, or body wash before totally exfoliating your skin in preparation for tanning. Search for soaps that are hypoallergenic which do not have any extreme components or scents in them, however that will exfoliate your skin while you are bathing.

If you choose to eliminate calluses with a pumice stone, you ought to also remove what triggered the callus to develop in the first place. This might indicate getting a sole implant for your shoe, using different socks or getting a new shoe entirely. Make certain your shoes fit correctly.

Despite what part of your body, exfoliation is important to eliminate dry, flaky, and dead skin. Removing dead cells from the skin enables it to breathe and shine with health. Exfoliation followed by a hydrating cream or cream will ensure that your skin ends up being smooth, soft, and conditioned.

Use whatever manner in which works best for you

Whichever way you pick to exfoliate, understand that you need to know your body and use whatever manner in which works best for you. All bodies and skin types are as unique as the individual themselves, so treat your body kindly and carefully and it will reward you with healthy, radiant, glowing look. Exfoliation will make your body feel great, which in return will reward you psychologically and mentally. If you have diabetes, or other conditions that trigger circulatory issues or feeling numb, consult your health professional before attempting any of these treatments for calluses or corns.

How Often to Exfoliate Body?

A simple way to really exfoliate your skin before you tan can be found in a variety of spray-on exfoliants that you can find at most supermarket, drug shops, or perhaps beauty supply shops. These items tend to be extensively available and really budget friendly. Most indoor tanning beauty parlors sell them. You just shower and after that spray them on to the areas of your skin that you intend on exfoliating. Enable them to work their magic previous to that tanning consultation and you can prevent dark lines or dry skin.

Calluses typically develop when your skin chooses it needs to secure itself from damage, such as wear from a specific spot on your shoes. Do not use the skin in these spots away entirely-this opens your skin approximately infection and prospective blistering.


You will also wish to check out some valuable exfoliation tools which can be bought at most shops. A couple of great ones to think about consist of: body loofahs, scrubbing sponges and exfoliating gloves.

I am Health Care

As a kid, I never dreamed of being a doctor.

I moved to California at the age of eight, when my dad (a PhD biochemist) was asked to work for a biotech company that, in 1987, thought they may have found a cure for HIV. (Spoiler alert: that didn’t pan out.) I didn’t understand the temporal bravery of the scientists working on what was then thought of as a homosexual disease, but I was so proud to know that my dad went to work every day trying to save people’s lives.

Within months of our cross-country move, my mom got a job at Stanford University Medical Center making sure insurers paid the hospital and the hospital paid the docs and the university…blah…blah…blah…accountingcontractsnumbersmath…so that, ultimately, the many thousands of patients – HUNDREDS OF WHOM I PERSONALLY KNOW – could get the best health care on the planet. I don’t understand accounting but I am so proud to know that my mom goes to work every day to make sure Stanford (and Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital) can deliver the highest quality care to my friends, neighbors, family, and the many people who come from across the country and around the world to seek health.

When I was a teenager and young adult, I worked in Stanford’s heart and lung transplant department (with the father of heart transplantation) where I met donor families, people waiting for a donor match, transplant recipients, nurses, doctors, office staff, schedulers, and yes even accounting folk who came to work every day because together, as a team, we saved people’s lives. Some of the most fulfilling “work” of my life happened when the nurses who supervised my clerical/office tasks asked me to go hang out with the younger transplant recipients – kids who were stuck in a hospital for weeks on end with no one but adults with whom to interact. I wouldn’t trade those conversations for the world. (You don’t know humility until you hear it from an adolescent fighting for their life.) I was invited to witness an organ harvest (sorry, technical term) and heart transplant all in-house (which does not often happen) and it ranks right up there with birthing my two sons on my list of top life experiences. I may not have understood why transplants worked, but I was so proud to work with a remarkable group of people who, with an astonishing amount of regularity, resurrected life from death. [PSA: if you’re not already, please learn how to register to be an organ donor.]

I moved on from my high school and college clerical jobs and pursued a Masters degree in Public Policy from Georgetown where I took classes from amazing professors who taught me the policy and politics behind our most important health laws. (I mean, for reals…I took Politics & the Media from Paul Begala while he was still appearing on the (good) Crossfire. Could life have been any better for a policy/politics dork like me?) I began to understand that policies enacted by our government can truly impact people’s lives. I was so proud to have chosen a profession where I could – in my own, passion-driven way – help people live healthier, more productive lives.

Since I graduated from grad school, I have had the honor to do work – on my own and in my career – on behalf of the people like my dad and my mom and my coworkers and the many hundreds of thousands of people in California and across the country who go to work every day to try to make people’s lives better by optimizing their health.

Policy-making isn’t always pretty. Politics certainly isn’t. Medicine is often as much of an art as a science. And though I don’t always understand the science part of medicine, I am so proud to be part of a community of people who I KNOW strive to enhance, improve and save lives EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.


***Disclosure: I’ve acknowledged, both in this post and on my “My House, My Rules” page, that I work for health care companies. That being said, I’ve not been asked to write this post, nor have I been compensated for it. The opinions expressed on this blog are mine and only mine and do not reflect the views of my employers, colleagues or clients.***

Cardio Max – Level 1 – Day 1

Did Cardio Max today for the first time. Wow. It’s tough. But I think I like it. For those of you who haven’t tried this DVD, Bob leads it and you customize your workout so you select what you want to do: warm up, Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, and cool down. Once you select the workouts you want to do, they just play one after the other.

I only did the warm up and Level 1. I did some of the cool down, which is very yoga-inspired, but B insisted that I sit down so that he could do yoga on his own.

Anyhow, today was a pretty good day. Not only did I exercise, but I also ate quite well including lots of fruits and veggies. I drank lots of water, didn’t go crazy with anything and I tracked it all on my Sparkpeople page. Yay! This is the kind of day I needed. Thinking I might try the yoga DVD tomorrow.I am going to hurt tomorrow and even more so on Saturday, but it was definitely my kind of workout. Weights were optional, though if you’ll recall I only own 10 pound weights. I think I made it through about three-quarters of the video using the weights when they were called for but by the end I was pretty spent. My legs were especially burning.