Do You Know What Today Is?


I never really know whether I should celebrate my so-called “blogoversary” (oh, the irony…my phone just corrected that to “blog overstay”) on February 18th (the day I bought my domain) or February 20th (the day I published my first post), but either way it seems a bit strange to call it a celebration.

I’m not here as often as I’d like. I haven’t tried to find a niche or blog for attention, fame or money. I haven’t sucked it up and paid for a custom-designed theme. I have more posts saved in unpublished draft mode than I have published. My posts are longer than I’d like. They’re less polished. Less concise. Less risky.

But they’re mine. All 99 of them. And so, today, I’ll celebrate that I found a little slice of the Internet where I can stake my claim and celebrate milestones large and small. Including this one. Happy 3 year Blogoversary, Life Behind the Curve.

And to those of you who come here and lurk, enter weird search terms and end up looking at pictures of me in a spider costume in 2nd grade, won’t stop searching for pictures of the admittedly-awesome pantyhose I wore to the Vegas Birthday Bash, that read and comment and *hug* and LOL and roll your eyes, it’s been a fun if not robust three years. Thanks for stopping by.

3 thoughts on “Do You Know What Today Is?

  1. Happy three years. If it weren’t for this little slice of the internet, we would have never met and my life would have one less ‘ho in it. (A ‘ho I love very much.) xo

  2. briyalynette says:

    happy belated! Or I guess, NOT depending on what day you choose to celebrate it. :)
    So glad for your little piece of the internet, which I somehow found in my little piece of the internets.

    love you.

  3. Sarah W says:

    And just for that, I wish you a happy blogoversary! Love reading your posts, no matter how “unpolished” they are. :)

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